It Is officially winter... 

So, what does this mean? Doubling up on socks, making tea, and eating a lot-- Because we all need that lil extra layer. If you haven't noticed it is REALLY f*&king cold and it doesn't seem to be getting warmer anytime soon. If you're like me (Maddick) and tend to stay locked up in your apartment unless you need food or toothpaste, you've come to the right place. I am here to enlighten you on the best spots to go to when you're sick of being FREEZING and just need some grub to warm your pale bodice. LET'S GO. 





A big ole bowl of soup! Grab your buddies, a six pack, and maybe your laundry (there's a laundromat right next door) and cozy up to some comforting PHO. Impeccable flavors, prices, and choices you will not be disappointed. Not to mention this spot is so darn cute and the people who work there are always so friendly, that alone should warm your cold cold heart. We recommend the PHO CHAI-- which is a combination of veggie broth, tofu, noodles, seasonal veggies, and some bean sprouts! 


American Flatbread

We all know that AFB is already a Burlington gem. But visiting this spot on a frigid day is comparable to heaven. What is more comforting than bread and cheese (a hug from your Granny is a close second) the answer is nothing, there is absolutely nothing more comforting. Not only the pizza, but the atmosphere just makes you want to cuddle up. The dimly lit dining room, comfy seating and having the wood fired pizza oven close by really creates a ~MOOD~. Order the Revolution Flatbread, it's traditional with a TWIST-



Magnolia's is good at any point in the year if we are being honest. But there is something about having to go down stairs and being tucked away in one of their booths that makes this spot exceptionally great in the winter months. Not only that, but who can deny the comfort of a warm mug of coffee paired with a delicious brunch. THIS IS WHAT YOU DO, get some coffee and maybe a bloody, order a dope entree (we LUV the quinoa and eggs dish), and finally, FOR THE TABLE order one of the Oatmeal pancakes with berries and chocolate chips. If this meal doesn't warm you up it sure will leave you full AF, which could honestly be better, idk.  


BUtch and babes 

Another one with just REALLY good mood lighting (not ideal for photos but whatever) Butch and Babes is delicious, creative and off the beaten path. Candle Lit is the name of the game and honestly we LOVE IT. B & B always has specials, is moderately priced and is vegetarian/vegan friendly. Their mains also include a plethora of options that will add some much needed warmth. At the moment they are offering a Warm Maple Polenta and mushroom bowl avec a poached egg ?!??!?! Idk about you but we think polenta is basically a blanket in food form. ALSO, they do FRITTERS OF THE WEEK. aka they know what's up. 

ALRIGHT, that's all we've got for now. Be safe out there people, stay warm and hungry (duh). PRAYING 4 UR TOEZ N NOSE!!! 


The ATE02_ crew