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the holy land


Do you remember going grocery shopping with your fam when you were younger? Why was that the worst?

It felt like such a chore, your mom handing you bulk items to weigh, miserable. Watching people decide between six different yet identical cans of crushed tomatoes, miserable. Stacking things on the conveyor belt for the cashier only to find out that you forgot something, the most miserable. No one tells you the exact moment when you know you’ve become an adult, but we will, it’s the moment you start to enjoy grocery shopping. Whenever we walk into a supermarket now we feel like a goddamn kid in a candy store, especially at Trader Joe’s. The only tricky part about TJ’s or el teej as we affectionately refer to it is how overwhelming it can be. Which is why we’re here to tell you about those must have products, the ones you can’t go wrong buying, the ones that will turn you into a grocery junkie, and most importantly, an adult.





balsamic glaze

Submerge me in this. Literally pour it all over me at a public event a la Carrie, I don’t care. While making your own balsamic reduction is not a hard task, this saves you the time and the clean up. Also your drizzle game will be unparalleled. It’s so versatile that I find myself actively trying to not put it on things but that being said some of my favorite uses include; drizzling over tomatoes on toast with S&P, adding to roasted brussels, adding to any sort of veggie sammie, topping pizza or pasta, the pastabilities i mean possibilities are endless.


sweet potato ribbons

I am a huge fan of the sweet potato, it’s just so damn versatile. You can treat these ribbons like a pasta and cover em in pesto or any other sauce your heart desires. But you can just as easily toss them into a curry or a stir fry, they cook through relatively quickly given their size. Perfect for those nights where you’re in a rush and don’t feel like peeling and slicing, praise be to the potate!




The everything bagel is my most favorite (followed closely by the Montreal Spice) and this seasoning solves all my bagel qualms, yeeeeah i got some qualms. Bagels are a tricky thing to buy because I feel like I don’t go through them quickly enough and there’s nothing worse than a stale bagel. Freezing is always an option but I’m a bagel snob and refuse to eat them if they were once frozen...fresh or bust baby. Enter this bottle of goodness; poppy and sesame seeds, garlic, onion flakes, salt, pepp toss it on anything and fake it till you make it. I usually use it on avocado toast, especially avocado toast with salmon.




envy apple

This apple is the most crisp apple i have EVER TRIED. Not to mention they are huge, i often can't eat the entire thing in one sitting. I know an apple seems a bit boring but I've literally never seen this apple sold anywhere else. it's a cross between a Royal Gala and a Braeburn. IT IS THE BOMB, AND IT HALES FROM NEW ZEALAND. Lorde is from NZ and so is this apple so it means business.



OK so I typically like making my own pesto but let’s face it—life gets in the way. When I saw this new product I was PUMPED, pesto is by far my favorite sauce (spread, condiment, WHATEVER) and when I don’t have a jar in the fridge it is devastating. BUT! Of course TJ'S saves the day. This pesto is tasty, vegan, and has a pretty good shelf life. Also if you're not a fan of kale, you cant even taste it. BUY THIS.


teeny tiny potatoes

These guys are so freakin’ cute. AND because they are so tiny I just pop then in the oven with some garlic + sea salt, and ghee then BAM you’ve got a delicious side dish to go with din. I also love that they are super affordable, delicious and so darn cute. 10/10 recommend.




Butternut Squash Ravioli

The Butternut Squash Ravioli was the first thing I had ever tried at the sample stand of Trader Joes that I ended up buying. I actually freaked out to the employee working telling them it was the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. I buy two packs every time I shop. One time I came home in tears when they didn’t have them, and the following day Maddie literally brought me home a pack because of how visibly upset I was. 



THESE TASTE JUST LIKE THE REAL DEAL. I go through phases where dairy hurts my stomach too much, so these are always my go to dessert. I bet I could give you one without the wrapping and you’d be like DANG did Ben and Jerry make that?



I don’t know HOW they get these to taste like it’s straight from a restaurant, but they DO and it’s amazing. It is the quickest dinner and my favorite thing to eat on a Friday night in. Get your chop sticks OUT and your jammies ON and go to town.