1. Cut V's into the steak and fill V's with large slices of garlic

2. Combine all liquid ingredients in a large bowl plus the S&P, place the steak in mixture and let sit in fridge for about 1 hour covered. 

3. Once the steak has absorbed some of those DANK juices, IT'S TIME TO COOK. 

4. Get your skillet ready with a bit of oil or non stick spray. 

5. Over medium heat stir fry the meat for about 7-10 minutes per side OR until it's done to your liking 

6. Let the meat rest for about 15 minutes, thinly slice and EAT UP!

Marinated Flank Steak 

if it's sustainable, local, and grass fed you can count us in. yes, we do love our plants, but we also love the idea of being flexible. maddie especially Loveeees a good cut of meat, if it's comin' from the right place. we got a beautiful flank steak from boyden farm beef,which is locally operated in vt. shop local people!!!! it's better for you, the environment, and the quality cannot be beat. 



- One large flank steak 

- 8 cloves of fresh garlic 

- 1 cup of tomato juice 

- 1 cup of coconut aminos 

- 1 cup of brown sugar 

- S & P to taste