Yeah so this is the first thing that pops up when you google coffee meme, you are welcome for this very original and highly curated content

Yeah so this is the first thing that pops up when you google coffee meme, you are welcome for this very original and highly curated content


Miss us? Yeah we missed us too! We hate to leave you all hanging but we’ve been bunkering down for the insufferable hellscape known as “finals week” and by bunkering down we mean bringing throw blankets to campus, gluing ourselves to our laptops, and consuming cup after cup of caffeine. All three of us have very different preferences when it comes to caffeinating ourselves, but one thing remains constant, we only wanna caffeinate ourselves in the most delicious way possible. So without further ado we present to you, our fans, our fams, our friends, our confidants, our fellow lib goers the OFFICIAL Ate02 Guide to Liquid Lightning.




I am a HUGE fan of morning routines. Sitting on the couch drinking a mug full of matcha, scrolling through IG, and checking Blackboard (lame I know) has become somewhat of a daily occurrence. Having this bit of time after a workout and before I have to start doing real life has become VERY impactful on how my day turns out. I’m not sure if it’s the caffeine in matcha that energizes me or I just like having a morning ritual but once I get that green magic in my body I AM READY TO ROCK. I am sure you’ve noticed Matcha Lattes popping up on your local coffee shops menu and are intrigued/confused by this mysterious drink. SO WHY MATCHA? I was an avid coffee drinker forever and made the switch to Matcha about a year ago. I read up on it and learned that it gives you more steady bursts of energy (while coffee gives you an immediate buzz—then a crash), it is packed with antioxidants, boosts metabolism, and aids in concentration. Also in case you were wondering "WTF is Matcha?" fret no longer. Matcha is powdered green tea, and contains more caffeine than your typical green tea because you are ingesting the actual leaves that were finely ground to create a powder.
Wanna know how I make mine?

Click Here for the Recipe!


So I’m writing this right now while on my second cup of this stuff. I’m typing 400 a minute and my left eye won’t stop twitching, I’m also pretty sure that if i really tried i could create a device that would make it possible to communicate with our beloved gecko, Tito, so proceed with caution when consuming.  

I’m a big fan of Northern Bayou cold brew (made in Vermont!) I’m incredibly sensitive to caffeine, and even though my proportions may be a lil meek compared to more experienced coffee drinkers I wouldn’t recommend drinking this straight. While delicious, it packs a punch, so diluting it with water or even pouring it over ice is a good move. HOWEVER, the best move is to mix it with REBBL’s Reishi Chocolate Elixir. Made with all sorts of coconut goodness and cocoa powder, it tastes exactly like creamy chocolate milk. The addition of Reishi powder may seem strange when you learn what it is but stay with me here. Reishi is essentially a mushroom known for its myriad of health benefits, it’s high in beta-glucans which support your immune system, as well as protecting your liver, and promoting cardiovascular health. If you aren’t a fan of mushrooms never fear, you can’t taste the all. It’s literally indistinguishable from chocolate milk.

I do ⅓ cups of cold brew and ⅔ cups of REBBL for my morning brew.




Blueberry Açaí Green Tea is my go to.

Is this my favorite caffeinated drink because the color is hella pretty or is it because mom literally sends me 8 boxes a month? NEITHER, I DRINK IT BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST DAMN GREEN TEA OUT THERE. Admit it, green tea alone is not snazzy enough. You find yourself adding honey, sugar, or milk, anything to make it more palatable. If you’re a green tea drinker and you’re looking to get WILD, this is the green tea for you - it’s sweet and tart and everything in between. While it doesn’t have as much caffeine in coffee, it has enough to keep you energized without making you jittery. 

Shameless Nutrition Plug: Green tea has unreal amounts of bioactive compounds like flavonoids, which function as antioxidants. It also contains an amino acid called L-theanine that works harmoniously with caffeine to improve your brain function MAKING YOU SMARTER FOR YOUR EXAMS!