Four corners of the earth

as reviewed by: vanessa anderson 


For most, the humble sandwich has been the cornerstone of our lunch experience since the elementary days.

And maybe that’s why we’ve become so disillusioned by the sandwich, maybe the ham and cheeses and the PB&J’s of the past have clouded our view of the potential of this carb-centric masterpiece. And maybe the mediocre sandwiches of the world have reinforced our belief that all a sandwich can be is a dry, grab-and-go chicken pesto before we catch a bus home, or a soggy veggie wrap as the only vegetarian option listed on a menu. But when a sandwich is given the true time and attention that it deserves it can be elevated to a whole new level, who's to say a sandwich can’t blow minds? Or move mountains? Or maybe even shift world views? 

Yeah idk how they do it either man 

Yeah idk how they do it either man 

Four Corners of the Earth serves up the best sandwich in Burlington.

We have to start out with that definitive fact, but hey let’s clarify just a little bit to avoid confusion. Four Corners is not the biggest sandwich in Burlington, it’s not the cheapest sandwich in Burlington, and it definitely is not the quickest sandwich in Burlington. But it is by far is the best. Located on Pine Street tucked underneath the Citizen Cider taproom, it’s an easy spot to miss. Which makes sense as Four Corners itself is shrouded in mystery, the art adorning the walls is reminiscent of an eccentric clubhouse, a secret society of master sandwich creators, Miracle Max’s hut à la Princess Bride, or perhaps even a magical tavern. But no matter how we describe it, the feeling when you step in is clear, some some earth-shattering food alchemy has taken place within the last 3-5 minutes, and it’s likely to happen again.

The menu is simple, each sandwich is named for a part of the world and a main ingredient. For example; Jamaican Avocado, Tuscan Prosciutto, Egyptian Eggplant, Tibetan Tofu...etc. Sure, you can ask exactly how each sandwich is prepared but we recommend leaving it alone. Live a little. Let your hair down. Run with the bulls. 

The man behind the sandwich is nameless.

Well not really. We’re just too scared to ask for his name. The “Soup Nazi” of sandwiches once told us that he was from Pluto which we aren’t entirely skeptical about and we decided to leave the line of questioning there for fear of not receiving our sammies. While there are a handful of other employees, the only one making the sandwiches is Pluto as we have so rightfully named him. (ruler of the underworld, judge of the dead, guardian to the gates of hell...checks out) Pluto, to put it lightly, knows his shit, and you can watch him crafting away at the bar which faces the cut away kitchen. Each sandwich is given his full dedication. This may mean waiting for your sandwich for longer than fifteen minutes, but you can taste the attention to detail and the dare we say love put into each.


The price ranges depending on the ingredients, anywhere from $9-$15, definitely not your traditional deli prices. We think it's well worth it, and here's why. 

Cheers, Putin 

Cheers, Putin 

Jamaican Avocado and Roman Portobello 

Jamaican Avocado and Roman Portobello 

The bread is perfectly crisped, and that’s probably the first thing you’ll notice.

Flaky enough to get a good crunch but hearty enough to hold all the goodness together, the building blocks of a good sandwich are all here. The condiments, we have no idea where Pluto gets 'em, in all honesty the mayo is probably Hellmann's, we don’t care. The mixture of different sauces and marinades work perfectly. It could be a spicy kimchi, portobello marinated in soy sauce, garlicky pesto, or peppery curry sauce, but no matter what the spread all the flavors are effortlessly tied together. Not a dry sammie in the room, or a dry eye for that matter. The main ingredients of each sandwich differ but one thing remains the same: the flavor profile of each stays consistent through each bite due to the fact that our main man Pluto layers each sandwich perfectly, so you’re never left with a bite of plain bread although in all honesty that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. (#GirlsWithGluten) Consistency is key in sandwich mastery and consistency is key at Four Corners, go figure.

Are you convinced yet? Do you want a sandwich? We thought so! Let 310 Pine St. be your beacon of light. Just make sure to not show up on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, even the masters need their rest.