About us 

three ladies that personify the term food coma...meet the Ate02 crew 


Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa hails from the food mecca of upstate New York and the home of the best farmers market this side of the Mississippi...Ithaca. She is a recent Public Communications graduate from the University of Vermont. When she's not lurking around the avocado pile at her local co-op she can be found snapping photographs and videos, eating kimchi by the forkful and tirelessly attempting to match her scrunchies to her outfits. 


Maddie kennedy 

A recent graduate from the University of Vermont who studied Public Communications, Madison loves food trends; whether it's collagen, kale, matcha, poke, kombucha, or whatever else is IN, you can bet that Madison has done her research or at least tried whatever is trendy in the food world (with a focus on the healthy). Maddie loves to cook, especially for people, which she affectionately refers to as "Bitchin' in the Kitchen" She is currently employed Vermont Juice Co. and she LOVES it. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio this girl will also talk your ear off about the Cle food scene and Lebron James. Not to mention she makes a mean vegan banana bread. 

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Alissa petinge 

Alissa is recent graduate who studied Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Science at the University of Vermont. She swears by buffalo cauliflower bites, is an avid peeler of oranges, and never passes up the chance to eat anything baked with CHOCOLATE. She works at the UVM Medical Center where everyone is very enthusiastic about custard. And although Kombucha is all the rage, she still has yet to try it.